Beta tests - updated timeline and a new batch of vehicles!

Hi guys!

This update is going to be short and condensed, as we just want you to be up to date with the beta progress.
Most importantly, we've managed to close the beta game scope that is generally related to racing, namely:

  • racing against online players and against AI
  • all weapons fully functional
  • (and FUN!)
  • game physics
  • (we believe we struck a perfect balance with it, hope you’re gonna love it!)
  • audio
  • VFX
  • HUE

Everything seems to indicate that we’ll need another couple of months for polishing the game just to make sure The Karters you’ll get are going to be all about fun and excitement! As soon as we set the final date for beta launch, we'll let you know instantly. We realize the expectations are high and we’re determined to meet them by giving you an already high-quality product in beta. First impressions definitely matter! ;-)

We assume that beta will last around a month and as long as it’s live, we’re going to add new features for you to test them out.

To build up your appetite before BETA, take a look at the new kart models we've come up with. Of course, all of them will be found in the game :-)

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