Ranking System - Yet another Racket Fury update!

I am excited to let you know that Racket Fury’s got yet another update!

The community here is so supportive and motivating that I couldn’t resist working on the feature lots of you brought up. So off you go! Enjoy the ranking system that works separately for arcade and sim mode :-)

Here’s a complete list of improvements/fixes this update provides:

  • Ranking system!
  • Separate ranking for arcade & simulation
  • Friend List ranking info
  • Four Profile buttons in Main Menu
  • Improved paddle velocity calculation
  • Added Supersampling 1.3 & 1.4 options
  • Improved net physics
  • Different colors for simulation and arcade
  • Minor fixes as usual ;-)

Please, feel free to share your insights and suggestions! I truly believe that the ranking system will make the game much more competitive and it will encourage you to perform the best you can :-)

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